2019 Conference Volunteers

Volunteers Wanted for 2019's Conference

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our conference! We will need a lot of help to pull this off. You can read more about the conference or sign up here.

Panelists and Presenters

We have a huge need for panelists and presenters. All presenters will get a free ticket to the conference as well as access to the "green room", but will not get a goodie bag or our early sign-up bonus item. If you would like a goodie bag, you'll need to purchase a ticket.

We'd like to offer a "main" track in the auditorium, our largest room, featuring panels with appeal to the majority of our writers. This includes panels on publishing, fantasy and science fiction themed panels, and anything else you think might be engaging for a crowd of up to 100 people.

We also have space to offer up to two additional tracks in side rooms. We'd like to focus on non-fiction writers such as self-help writers, memoir / autobiographers, and bloggers or freelance writers. We're looking for panels that will be relevant and helpful to this audience, as well as panels that cater to other, more niche interests. We'd also like to offer some panels catering to youth writers, so ideas for that would be welcome as well.

Please email us at inspiredwriter@clearthetrail.org with your name, a brief bio & photo, and a summary of the panels you're interested in presenting. If you suggest more than one panel, please specify how many panels you're able to present during the conference. (For example, you may have ideas for five panels but only be able to present three.)

We'd like to compose our preliminary program in October, so please send us your ideas before October 1, 2018.


We always need volunteers to make our conference run smoothly. Listed below are the various things you might be asked to do should you volunteer. All volunteers will get a free ticket to the conference, but will not get a goodie bag or our early sign-up bonus item. If you would like a goodie bag, you'll need to purchase a ticket.

Snack & Lunch Bar - 1-2 volunteers to sell snacks and lunch items from the concessions stand, track inventory, and inform the Leadership Team when supplies run low (ideally before they run out). One volunteer during regular hours, two volunteers during lunch and dinner hours.

Raffle & Auction Table - 1 volunteer needed to keep an eye on the raffle and auction items, sell raffle tickets (ideally upselling where possible), and explain how the silent auction works.

Author Sales Table - 1-2 volunteers needed to keep an eye on the books and promotional items of our local authors and GoH Dan Wells, as well as any other merchandise available. Volunteers will be selling books and items as necessary and tracking inventory.

Volunteer Teams - I'd like to assemble teams of five people each to operate the three stations above. I want at least two teams, no more than four. This will allow us to rotate through our volunteers so each team will be able to attend at least half the conference.

Registration Table - 2 volunteers needed during the first few hours of each day to mark off attendees, sell tickets to unregistered attendees, and hand out goodie bags & name tags. After the first few hours, this duty will be taken over by our teams.

Dan Wells Assistant - 1 volunteer to drive Dan Wells to and from the conference, keep him supplied with water and food, keep him from being cornered by rabid fans, and make small talk. Should not be a rabid fan. 😉

Set Up and Take Down

Other Volunteers - I'm sure there's stuff I've forgotten. Basically, if you want to help, please do.

If you're interested in being a volunteer, please send an email to inspiredwriter@clearthetrail.org with your name and the duties you're interested in handling. Priority will be given to volunteers who have a history of participation with the Fellowship.

Local Authors

Are you a local author interested in selling your title and merchandise at our conference? Space at our merchandise tables will be available to any author who purchases a conference ticket. You will be responsible for providing the titles and merchandise you wish to sell, but our volunteers will manage your booth and track inventory so you can attend the conference. If you have more than two titles you wish to display and sell, there will be a charge of $5 per additional title due to space constraints.

We hope to be able to put up posters, so bring them. For $5, if you provide us with 150 business cards or bookmarks (or related item) by December 1, 2018, we will put one in each and every goodie bag so every attendee gets one.

If you're interested in selling titles or providing us with business cards, please contact us at leadership.team@writersfellowship.com with your name, pen name (if applicable), and what items you have to sell or put in the goodie bags.

Donations & Sponsorships

We're always looking for donations for our raffle and silent auction. We prefer donations that are writing or book themed.

We appreciate monetary sponsorships to help us pay for our venue, printing costs, and other related costs. For advertisement opportunities, we're looking for sponsors to provide water bottles, notepads, pens, bags, and lanyards. We are selling ad space in our program as well, contact for prices. All ads will be full-color and must be designed by you. We need all items by December 1, 2018.

All sponsors and donors will get a business card (or other related item such as a coupon or bookmark) in every goodie bag so each attendee gets one. You will be responsible for providing 150 of said item to us before December 1, 2018. You will also be thanked publicly during our event.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or donating an item, please contact us at inspiredwriter@clearthetrail.org with your name, organization name, and information about the sponsorship and/or items you'd like to provide.

Sponsorship and donations come with one complimentary conference ticket. If you would like a goodie bag or the early sign-up item, you must purchase a ticket.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Where: Hopebox Theatre
1700 S. Frontage Rd
Kaysville, UT 84037

When: January 25-26. Below is an extremely tentative schedule.

Friday: Registration will open around 3 or 4. We'll have panels and presentations until evening, and then we'll have a kick-off party lasting late into the night. We plan to have food available for purchase, and the prizes for our raffle and silent auction will be on display.

Saturday: Registration will open around 12 noon. Our Guest of Honor, Dan Wells, will give his keynote address, and we'll follow with panels and presentations until the evening. The last event of the conference will be signings with Dan Wells, coupled with the raffle drawings and announcement of the winners of the silent auction.