Writing doesn't have to be a lonely endeavor. We can band together, learn from each others' efforts, stay accountable to our goals and rise to our greatest potential.

~ Christina Anderson


Wasatch Writers Fellowship welcomes writers of all styles to join our ranks

The fellowship was founded in 2015 as an outlet for  anyone interested in crafting fiction or nonfiction, short stories, poetry, novels, screenplays, journalism & more. Whether you would like to connect with top agents, editors or publishers, share your work with the community, or simply finish something you’ve been working on for ages we can work together to realize your dreams. Ultimately, we exist to help new and experienced writers alike meet their goals.


We host weekly writing sessions in various local coffee shops in our flagship towns of Ogden and Layton, Utah. If you are looking to set a firm time to sit down and just write, this is a great solution. Each session lasts two hours, With over a solid hour built in just for writing. For more information on these events, please visit our Meetup page.


We support our members with a strong online presence. We work hard to make information available for members around the world who are unable to meet with the fellowship in person. Through our Website on WordPress and we provide the latest in industry news, competitions and contests, publishing opportunities, product reviews, and inspiration. Additionally, we promote the work of our fellow writers through promotional interviews and networking. We dedicate ourselves to all our members and promise to provide quality support through social media.


What we offer:

  1. Structured writing time to keep you on track for success
  2. Membership in an international writing community
  3. Networking with world-class authors, editors, agents & publishers
  4. Peer review/feedback, writing workshops and advice
  5. Industry discussions, news, competitions and contests to keep you sharp

Join us to meet your writing goals today!